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Our programs

Our Commitment


  We are committed to providing a safe, positive environment for our training programs and proper educational resources. We are committed to helping youngsters develop their potential and grow into healthy, educated, responsible adults with productive lives. We are committed to inspiring all children to be happy, smart, and strong.  

Our programs



Our organization gives young people opportunities. By providing education, improving health, and alleviate poverty in Democratic Republic of Congo and United States., we aim to create a chain of decent communities throughout the countries.

To meet this goal, our organization intends to facilitate mentor ship services for at-risk youths; implement programs to address societal issue through the arts; provide tutoring services for student as way to improve outcomes in the general curriculum; provide educational resources such as computers and books; and increase aid to all youths aged five to twenty -five, so they can afford to attend school.

  1. Assist designated underprivileged communities in DRC and North Carolina with fundraising, donate resources to them, and partner with organizations that share our vision;
  2. Help build schools and recreational centers in DRC and broaden awareness of our organization's work;
  3. Promote a safe environment by providing healthy food, clean water, appropriate shelter, and affordable health care.
  4. Assist  young people ages 16-21 with jobs placement 
  5. Assist  immigrants youths and their family to adjust to America culture


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