DRC Education Project

We focus on empowering students with the proper resources to receive a formal education. YDRCA, Inc is already assisting 25 children within eastern Congo to advance their primary education. This is done through providing each student with an academic scholarship to cover their annual tuition. The organization is committed to increasing that number by ten students per academic school year.

Kasai project

We currently partner with Women of Africa organization in the DRC ( WOA RDC).
We will be providing assistance to 0-52 months - old, pregnant and lactating women suffering from moderate malnutrition in the DRC Provinces in general in the particular in kasai province stricken by the customary conflict phenomenon Kawmina Nsapu who has caused many thousands of displaced people with consequent malnutrition in children and women.
To learn more about Kasai crisis, please click to the link below.
BBC News

Upcoming event

Women benefit market event 

Saturday May 11th, 2019

1 pm -5 pm 

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