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How You Can Help

There Are More Ways To Give


  • Organize a Walk or Race to Benefit YDRCA, INC.
  • Stock Gift
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  • Become a Corporate Partner
  • Holiday Gift
  • Birthday Gift
  • Host An Event to aid YDRCA, INC.
  • Create a Fundraising  on Face Book to Benefit YDRCA, INC  
  • Shop at Amazon Smile 
  • Support the Youth of DRC Africa. Like, share, and follow us on social media (Facebook,Twitter, Instagram ,and Linkedin) and invite your friends to do the same. Together we can make change happen. Thank you in advance for your support! 
  • For more information on becoming a sponsor, contact us at 704-933-6330 or

Our Work Has Already Begun

 With a group of activists in place to undertake surveys in DRC schools and communities. We are committed to building schools and creating after school programs that include recreational art and dance collectives. Our initial goal is to assist one hundred children, and our target is to have one project completed during 2020. We want the country to have access to the tools to provide education for all, and to have met the mandate for the future development. 

Making a Donation

 Monetary donations are accepted, and we appreciate any amount. As a 501(c)3 charity, we can issue donation receipts for U.S. tax purposes. All donations are  tax deductible when filing with the IRS. We also accept donations by wire transfers, bequests, business or personal check, and money orders. If you would like to use alternative payment systems, please contact us at


 If you are interested in inspiring,  motivating, and impacting young lives, you can become a YDRCA, INC  volunteer.  We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, including tutoring, mentoring, coaching, special events, administrative assistance, and more. 


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