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About US

YDRCA, INC is a 501©3 nonprofit organization based in Concord, North Carolina. We focus on giving young people  better education, better health, and better living conditions. Our services are provided to all youths ages five to twenty-five. 


Is to provide to all young people opportunities  through educational and training program, while aiming to improve health conditions and alleviate poverty.   


 Is to see young people  become successful, achieve their dreams, and give back to their communities.


The Problem

Youths in the Democratic Republic of Congo face a plethora of economic and social challenges in their effort to attain an education, as seventy-one percent of the population lives below the poverty line. Although children can officially enroll at age six, less than fifty-four percent of those youngsters attend schools, of that number the majority are boys.


The Solution

Giving young people in DRC an education, as well as providing them with training programs and improved health conditions, goes a long way towards alleviating poverty and helping these children succeed. This is our goal, and we dream of seeing these children reach their full potential. One of the reliable ways we change these realities is by educating all of the children; boys and girls alike. We also know that educated families and families whose parents have marketable skills and more likely to stay together, which stops the issue of poverty orphans. 


What You Can Do

Support the youth of DRC Africa. Like, share, and follow us on social media (Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, and Linkedin) and invite your friends to do the same. Together we can make change happen. Thank you for your love and support!

Contact Us

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Mailing Address: 455 Concord Parkway N. P.O. Box 6078, Concord, NC 28027. Phone (980)-434-6896